University activities

Since October 2012, I have been a full-time professor of business psychology at the FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management. I mainly teach business psychology and human resource management.

Since 2007, I have been teaching students in addition to my professional activities. With this, I am taking up an activity again that I already enjoyed a lot in the past: teaching.

I have the opportunity to work in the teaching of both psychology and business students. In doing so, my double education - on the one hand, my completed psychology studies with many other postgraduate further training courses and, on the other hand, my doctorate in economics and the many professional activities associated with it - is very beneficial to me.

FOM Zuhörer bei meiner Vorlesung

In all my lectures and seminars I follow the approach that only a combination of smart science and practical application can provide students with useful knowledge. Therefore, in all my courses I look for a concrete practical relevance.

Also as a teacher it is of central importance to constantly educate oneself further, to develop one's own didactic skills and to participate in advanced training courses. At the FOM University of Applied Sciences I completed the entire continuing education program Teaching and Didactics and received an award for this.

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I really enjoy working at the university; especially the teaching, my students and my colleagues.

Professionelle und herzliche Zusammenarbeit

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