Psychoanalysis is a form of medical treatment that is recognized by health insurance companies. The costs for the psychoanalytical treatments that I perform are reimbursed by the private health insurance companies and through financial aid for public servants.

  • Private health insurance
    The amount of the costs that your health insurance company agrees to pay for psychoanalytical treatment is determined by the agreement you have signed with them. The majority of private insurance companies reimburse the costs for psychotherapeutic treatment in full. In the case of some insurers the number of sessions paid for depends on the rate at which you are insured.
  • Beihilfe (Subsidy / Financial aid)
    If you as a public servant or a family member of such are entitled to financial aid, the cost of psychoanalytical treatment is covered.

In both cases we can clear up the regulations that apply to you in a preliminary discussion. I would however request you to ask your health insurance company in advance which psychotherapeutic services are covered by your agreement.

When calculating my fees I adhere to the “Scale of fees for Psychological Psychotherapists and Child and Adolescent Therapists” as set by the Federal Ministry of Health, 8th June 2000.

If you are insured through the public health system, e.g. AOK, IKK or a substitute health insurance fund, please contact your insurance company directly and ask for psychotherapists who have free treatment places.

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