Here I have given a list of the symptoms and complaints where I apply psychoanalytically based therapy techniques:

  • Fears (e.g. of crowds, darkness, strangers, family members and friends, heights, of one’s own limitations or fear of hurting someone)
  • Depression
  • Physical complaints with mental causes (e.g. heart-related fears, skin disease, high blood pressure, neurological dysfunction, stomach cramps, diarrhoea)
  • Compulsions (e.g. obsessive thoughts, obsessive washing and compulsions for order)
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Sexual disorders
  • Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia)
  • Breakdowns in relationship/communication (primarily recurrent problems in communication with partners or professional failures)
  • Disruptions at work
  • Fatigue syndromes

Depression, fears and compulsions can often put such a strain on a person that they make it practically impossible for them to enjoy a normal day. Their whole lives are tainted by fear or depression and hardly anything can be experienced or undertaken without these burdens. Many people are unable to specify any concrete reason for their fears and depression. This is a chronic process that has in part developed and deteriorated over many years or decades.

In the case of many symptoms the relationship between the affliction and a mental event cannot be identified directly. This can include, for example, physical illness for which there are no organic findings. Such psychosomatic disorders are extremely widespread. If you are not sure whether your problems are psychological we can clarify this question in a personal meeting. Just arrange an appointment with me.


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