Marketing Consultancy

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I am one of the two co-founders and managing partners of ProSpector® Qualitative Marketingberatung. I was responsible as managing director for almost 17 years until we ended the company at the beginning of 2013.

ProSpector was a market research institute that worked on a qualitative psychological basis and had offices in Saarbrücken and Frankfurt am Main. Our concepts have been in demand since 1995 in Germany and Europe. Using a depth-psychological approach oriented towards the methods of Morphological Psychology, we worked to customer order in various topic areas:

  • conceptual design of depth-psychological customer surveys
  • psychoanalytically oriented image and pattern analyses
  • acquisition of unconscious motives of use and depth-psychologically defined target group analyses
  • communication analysis and consultation focusing on preconscious and unconscious processes
  • advertising effectiveness tests and advertising success studies
  • analysis and optimization of product and communication concepts
  • holding of marketing and sales workshops

Over the years, we have conducted over 200 studies and presented results. The findings and experiences associated with these studies are now incorporated into my activities as a business psychologist and as a university lecturer.

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