Lectureship in Erding at the HAM University for Applied Management

In the summer semester 2012, I have completed a teaching assignment in business psychology, which deals with various applications of psychological findings onto economic relationships.

In the context of my studies of business psychology, I covered the main focus of market and advertising psychology through my teaching assignment.

Important topics here are:

  • Systematics of psychological scientific fields
  • theoretical approaches of market and advertising psychology.
  • essential findings from the psychology of perception, motivational psychology and the psychology of decision-making.

Due to my varied and long-standing activities in the field of market research and marketing consulting, I am able to describe various cases from practice and offer them to students for their own work. In doing so, I attach particular importance to promoting the students' ability to act both professionally and methodically and to developing the students' social and personal key competences.

On the online platform of the HAM I offer students virtual classrooms in addition to study materials. These are meetings of all seminar participants with me in a virtual room, where I offer small presentation units to the students and the students can comment on them and ask me questions about them. The students learn that they can identify, analyse and work on certain problem areas themselves by means of concrete application-oriented tasks.

In addition to these virtual parts of teaching, there are also 2 to 3 classroom sessions, usually as full-day lectures in seminar style. There, the essential topics of market and advertising psychology are worked out together.

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