Couple therapy

In addition to individual therapy for adults, I also offer couple therapy. This form is often also called couple counselling or marriage guidance.

I always work with both partners, i.e. there are no individual sessions with the respective partners. The reason for a couple therapy varies, but almost always couples come in great need and in severe conflicts. Often a threatening separation is the reason to seek help.

Just like an individual therapy, a couple therapy cannot solve or work through a conflict that has often existed for a long time in two or three sessions. It depends on the situation of the couple how much time they are willing to make available for this process.

In a recent survey, the market research institute WMM - Weber Marketing- und Marktforschung GmbH - asked 906 people aged 18 and over about their experiences with couple therapy. Here is the interesting statement that the success rate is 77% if both partners want the therapy. However, if the therapy is based on only one partner, often little or nothing changes.

Statistically speaking, the impulse for couple therapy comes from the woman much more often than from the man in just under 10% of cases.

Source for the survey on couple therapy: WMM – Weber Marketing- und Marktforschung GmbH

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